Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Blog to chronicle travels to begin in Jan. 2010

Welcome to my new blog, which will chronicle the travels I have taken in the past few years and give my followers an idea of where to go to have fun and play golf around the good old US of A.

In the year that will end in just a few days, I have spent nearly 90 days (that's about three months) in hotel, motel, condo and resort rooms and stay-and-play homes while writing about golf course in locales as far flung as Sheridan, Wyoming, Cape Cod, Mass., Wickenberg, AZ, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and Jersey City, NJ. Pushing me along those trails was also my coverage of University of Texas football (the Horns had games this year in Wyoming, Missouri and Oklahoma).

I have stayed in some great places and seen a lot of cool things. Check back as the new year begins to start reading about them and to get updates on the current year's travels -- which begin Jan. 7 with an assignment in Pasadena, Cal. to cover the BCS Championship game.

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